Professional Website Promotion

Why do you need to promote your site? Your internet site is your business, for all intents and purposes. You have invested time and money in your site, and now it’s time to see the results. How do you get lots of customers, in particular those that are interested exactly in what you provide?
On the internet, most of your customers will find your website by using search engines (the main one being Google). The surfers search by typing in whatever they are looking for, known as a “search expression”, and they receive a list of web pages from Google that are most relevant to the search expression.

Websites that appear at the top of the list of search engine results will get the most customers, and
that is where you want to be.

What is my contribution to you as a Website Promoter?As your website promoter, I look at your business as a whole. Your site is your “personal story”, your outlook and point of view, and your message to the surfers.
Changes that may need to be made on your site may clash with other considerations of yours. As a website promotion professional, who comes from the world of marketing, I do not ignore these considerations.
Together, we investigate how to combine “Google-friendly” writing and structure, with pleasant and intuitive “user experience”, and how your marketing goals and your customers always stay center stage.

What is SEO

Website promotion is a process of optimization (Search Engine Optimization – SEO) that is performed for a website. It is a process in which the site is “accessorized” with as many as possible of the elements that are important for the search engines. These optimization activities are intended to promote the site to a competitive position in Google (and other search engines).